Crofton Elementary School PTA, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit association that prides itself on being a voice for our children, a relevant resource for families, educators and the community, and a strong advocate for public education. Membership in PTA is open to parents or legal guardians of a currently enrolled student at CES, or employees of CES, who want to be involved and make a difference for the education, health, and welfare of children and youth.

The Executive Committee is comprised of current PTA Members. There are four (4) elected officers on the Committee, who are typically parents or guardians of students at our school, but may include CES teachers.  The officers are unpaid volunteers, who are passionate about the mission of PTA and the value it delivers to our school community.  The bylaws allow for an officer to hold the same elected seat for three years, however they need to be reelected annually.  The PTA can function without a vice-president, however all other seats must be filled.  The four elected officers, with the Principal, Assistant Principal, Faculty Liaison and Committee Chairpersons make up the Board of Directors. The Faculty Liaison is elected annually by his/her peers.  Please see the Bylaws for more information.

To reach out to the entire Executive Committee, please email

President – Corie Jones (  The president is responsible to organize, plan and set priorities for the membership.  The president leads the Board of Directors and collaborates with the membership, school administrators and educators to foster a diverse and inclusive environment for members, volunteers and leaders.  Overall responsibilities include:


  • Support the vice president to recruit, manage, motivate and retain volunteers;
  • Run effective programs;
  • Support the treasurer to manage money and raise funds;
  • Support membership growth and retention;
  • Support the secretary to run effective meetings;
  • Ensure all voices are heard through effective use of parliamentary procedure;
  • Advocate on behalf of students; and,
  • Transition to the next leadership team by nurturing potential leaders and preparing the incoming team.

Vice President – Traci Hurst-Morataya (

The vice president may be called upon at any time to temporarily assume the place of the president; therefore, he or she should study the president’s duties and responsibilities and be familiar with the work of the PTA. In the event of the president’s resignation, the vice president assumes all duties until the president’s position is filled in accordance with the bylaws.  The vice president is responsible for:

  • Performing specific duties as provided for in the bylaws;
  • Assuming responsibility for duties designated by the president;
  • Representing the president in his or her absence or upon request;
  • Serve as the committee chair for volunteerism. Recruit, manage, motivate and retain volunteers; and,
  • Maintain the master calendar of all PTA events and activities.

Gary HeldtTreasurer – Gary Heldt, CPA
(  The treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the PTA’s financial records are reviewed and maintained for accuracy; ensuring an audit, financial review or compilation is done in accordance with the bylaws, state PTA requirements, and the PTA’s business practice; and as a 501(c)(3), ensure the filing of the PTA’s 990 report to the IRS. Overall responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring three authorized signatures are on file at the bank for financial transactions; these signatures are usually that of the current president and treasurer, and one other officer as an alternate (no two check signers should be from the same household);
  • Collecting all money from persons delegated to collect or to raise funds during a local unit activity, and providing a written receipt for those funds;
  • Promptly depositing all money in the name of the local unit in a bank account approved by the board;
  • Maintaining an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements;
  • Obtaining authorization from the board before writing a check or spending money;
  • Remitting, by check, all authorized bills and statements as prescribed in the bylaws;
  • Submitting a written financial statement at each board meeting and at each general membership meeting;
  • Chairing the Ways and Means Committee and preparing the annual budget as prescribed in bylaws;
  • Reporting income and expenses as compared with the budget; and
  • Preparing an annual report to be used to review PTA financial records.

ry – Cassie Gallagher (  The secretary is responsible for keeping an accurate record of the proceedings of association meetings. These records are the permanent history of the PTA.  Promptness and accuracy are key to this job.  The secretary also may be given the responsibility of maintaining all PTA correspondence, including incoming and outgoing communications with members and notifications for all meetings. It is common for a local unit to designate these responsibilities to a corresponding secretary. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the approved minutes are included in the permanent record of the association;
  • Managing content for websites; and,
  • Timely communications to PTA membership of key messages, news and actions/activities.