Room ParentRoom Parents (both women or men) serve as the critical {magical} liaison between the teacher and class parents. Depending on teacher preferences–your duties may include:

  • Coordinating classroom guest readers, special study groups and volunteer schedules
  • Planning class parties and events such as holiday performances, bulletin board decorating
  • Organizing teacher gifts and recognitions throughout the year
  • Communicating about and assisting with classroom, grade-level and school-wide events

That may seem like a lot – but have no fear! You don’t need to do it all yourself! The trick to being a Room Parent is to D E L E G A T E and get lots of help! Most parents WANT to help in their child’s class – even busy parents. Just ASK!

If you are interested in becoming the Room Parent for your student, let your child’s teacher know and contact our Room Parent Committee, Erika Cadori at