mathAccelerated Math Fluency (Program leader:  Chris Russell-Wood) – Accelerated Math provides deep math practice at the unique levels students need in order for them to grow—from foundational skills to grade-level standards. It’s the key to mastering math: Building incremental confidence. Once students feel confident, they open up to mathematical discourse in the classroom and productive struggle in their practice, to enrich their math experience.

Reading Enrichment (Chairperson:  Jamie Wisdom)

readAccelerated Reader (Teacher Liaison: Don Bailey) – Accelerated Reader 360 engages students in independent and close reading practice. They complete close reading activities built into nonfiction articles, choose their own independent reading books, and take short reading comprehension quizzes. Students work toward personalized reading goals and grow!

Reading-OlympicsReading Olympics (Program Leader: Jamie Wisdom  ) – Each spring students have the opportunity to participate in the six-week Reading Olympics program to encourage reading. Students will earn individual and classroom awards based on the total hours read during each week of the program. Volunteers are needed each week to tally the reading results. Sign-up at Back-to-School Night, contact a Parent Volunteer Coordinator or complete the form at the back of this handbook.

BookitBook-It Club Incentive Reading Program (Program Leader:  Jamie Wisdom) – Children total their monthly reading time on a calendar and receive certificates from Pizza Hut. Volunteers are needed to assist with calculating hours spent reading and preparing certificates for each participating child on the first school day of the month.

AssembliesAssemblies (Chairperson:  Jennifer Bach)- The PTA sponsors two assemblies during the school year. We are exploring Veterans Day and Black History Month themed assemblies for this school year.  The assemblies are held during school hours and are designed to complement the school’s curriculum.  Parents with under-school age children may attend.

JAJunior Achievement (Program Leader:  Gary Heldt) – Students participate in the Junior Achievement (JA) program, teaching them about entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs. JA is taught in each classroom by parent volunteers. This is a great opportunity to participate in your child’s education. The program leader will be sending out information in November, and the JA Day is in early December.

pawprintPAW Printers (Program Leader:  Elizabeth Juppe) – this program is one of the longest running at CES and produces hardbound books written and illustrated by students in all grades. Due to the overwhelming size of this project, we are looking for grade-level and classroom coordinators to better manage the PAW Printer program. These coordinators will work with room parents in editing and/or typing the manuscript, assembling the books and helping children illustrate their stories. The program culminates in “PAW Printers Day” in the spring when the children have the opportunity to read their books to their families and classroom friends.

stemlogoSTEM Science Fair (Program Leader:  Kris Poland) – a wonderful opportunity for students to study a topic that interests them. Projects can be as varied as students’ interests, such as sports, engineering, music, art, rocketry, psychology or computers. Through their projects, students will discover that science is found in every niche of the universe. Workshops are held prior to the Science Fair to help children learn about the scientific method and the problem solving approach needed to plan a successful project. Volunteers are needed to help plan and set-up the event and judge the projects.

yearbook picturesYearbook (Program Leader:  Lorrin Noonan; – The Yearbook Committee is responsible for creating the school yearbook. The committee develops a theme, creates and layouts each page in the yearbook as well as taking photos at events throughout the school year. Yearbooks go on sale in the winter and are delivered prior to the end of the school year. Online order form will be communicated to all parents and guardians.