The Executive Committee is comprised of current PTA Members. There are four (4) elected officers on the Committee, who are parents or guardians of students at our school, and may include CES teachers. The four elected officers are President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The officers are unpaid volunteers, who are passionate about the mission of PTA and the value it delivers to our school community. The bylaws allow for an officer to hold the same elected seat for two years, however they need to be reelected annually. The PTA can function without a vice president, however all other seats must be filled. The four elected officers, with the Principal, Assistant Principal, Faculty Liaison and Committee Chairpersons make up the Board of Directors. The Faculty Liaison is elected annually by his/her peers, generally during the first two weeks of school. Elected officers commence their role effective on July 1st.  Position descriptions may be found by clicking here.

The Crofton Elementary School PTA will hold a meeting for the election of PTA legislative board members for upcoming school year (“SY”) during the month of May. The meeting will be held in the Media Center.  All current PTA members are invited to participate in the election. No absentee ballots or proxies may be accepted. The date and time of this meeting will be communicated to the membership at least 30 days in advance.

An Election Committee Chairperson must be an active CES PTA member and may not be an existing Executive Committee member, nor a candidate. This person is charged with conducting the election procedures, including collection of PTA Candidate Application Forms, validating that only PTA members are voting, tallying votes and announcing results. The Secretary will record the committee’s activities as part of the normal minute taking process. Additional PTA members are needed to assist the Chairperson in administering the functions of this role.

Self-Nomination Procedure

Beginning in April, nominations for candidates may be submitted to the Election Committee Chairperson. Interested PTA members may self-nominate as a candidate for one of the four positions, regardless of incumbency. Candidates must complete the PTA Candidate Application Form and email it to by no later than April 30, 2021.  Ideally, all candidates will apply in advance, allowing the general membership to be aware of the pool of candidates and any potential vacancy gaps. Walk-in candidates will be accepted at the election meeting, however we ask that he/she come prepared with the PTA Candidate Application Form already completed.